Released 10.4.19 exclusively on bandcamp. Available for the first time ever on Kogan's Department Store ®

1st press limited edition of 30.

IRTD2 Deluxe Edition Cassette
Fluorescent Green Tape in Fluorescent Green case edition of 5
Fluorescent Pink Tape in Fluorescent Green case edition of 5
*Alternate Side B featuring Vintage Haunted House Sound FX

IRTD2 Limited Edition Cassette
Solid Red Tape edition of 10
Translucent Red Tape edition of 10
Soundtrack repeats on both sides

Both versions feature a reversible J Card with the original and alternate cover art.

An audio/video journey by acclaimed beatmaker SteveO and visionary artist Hull Kogan. The minds that brought you Inverted Rolling Thunder Driver return with a video mixtape so terrifying you may not survive it. Puroresu God Dave Meltzer says, “it’s the only thing I’ve ever seen that’s both a 10+ on the Muta Scale and a ******* 1/4 match!”

Inverted Rolling Thunder Driver is
Steve O on beats
Hull Kogan on visuals

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