Inverted Rolling Thunder Driver Presents: Steve O - The Paczki Tape 4 - Audio Cassette


Released 2.21.23 exclusively on bandcamp. Available for the first time ever on Kogan's Department Store ®

1st pressing limited to 25 copies on Paczki Goldshläger with custom cardboard slipcase.

1. Intro 00:49
2. Ready 4 Action 02:01
3. Everybody's Friend 02:18
4. Run Things 01:14
5. Paczki Type Beat 02:25
6. Joetown's Return 01:50
7. Sea League Situations part 4 02:38
8. Kapusta Thrower 03:17

4th installment of The Paczki Tape series.

A Fat Tuesday tradition.

All Polish Samples.

Inverted Rolling Thunder Driver is
Steve O on beats
Hull Kogan on visuals

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